Sept 12th Salt Water Fishing Report

Vancouver’s saltwater salmon fishing has been very consistent the last week. With Chinook, Coho, Pink and Chum Salmon all moving towards the local rivers, going forward in to fall will provide some excellent fishing. Late September, early October is some of the best local fishing of the year. The largest Chinook of the year are entering local waters, along with big fall Coho Salmon.

The next 6 weeks will have some excellent action! Call to book with Captain Speed or for more details.

August 14th Salt Water Fishing Report

Our local saltwater Salmon fishing has really picked up in the last 8 days. Some really nice 15 to 25lb Chinook/King, along with Coho and Pink Salmon have all been entering local waters this week. August is a month when we see a variety of all species and this is shaping up well & will continue into September. Call or email Captain Speed for an up to the
minute report. Tight lines!

July 31, 2017

Our local Vancouver Salmon fishing has been producing some larger Chinook recently up to the 25lb range, along with Coho and Pink Salmon. With august here some of the largest Chinook of the year will be coming into area waters. The great advantage to getting out this time of year is
variety with one being able to catch Chinook, Coho & Pink Salmon all in
one outing. As August comes around numbers will increase and some very productive days always come about. call Captain Speed anytime for a up to the minute report or to inquire about booking a trip in August2017. Tight Lines!

July 20th 2017

The Vancouver local saltwater fishing has been steady the last few days. Some nice Chinook/King Salmon are starting to show more and more each day in multiple locations. There have also been some very good days on Coho mixed in with a few Pink salmon. Overall the fishing is improving each day, with more fish showing up daily. The great part of fishing in late July and into August is the variety, which means one can Coho fish for a couple hours early on and then try for some of the largest Chinook of the year that will start to appear as we go into August. Fish into the 20 to 30lb range are common this time of year. Call Captain Speed anytime for more details on when to book a charter or with any questions. Tight lines!

July 10 2017

The local Vancouver Saltwater Salmon fishing has really turned around in the last few days. Nice size Chinook/King Salmon to 25lbs have been caught, Coho/Silvers have shown up along with a few pink Salmon mixed in.
Morning fishing has been best. A lot of baitfish in the area has been a big reason for the increase in fish. As we go further into July the Pink run will increase each day, as well some of the largest Chinook of the
year will be showing up daily. Mix this in with Coho and we will have an excellent July.

June 22nd 2017

The local Vancouver Chinook Salmon fishing has been spotty this week. The Wind has kept anglers from getting to a few spots that would be holding fish.
We had a couple days this past week that were more productive than others. With calmer waters forecasted we will see an improvement in numbers of fish caught. These Chinook Salmon were from Fathers Day which was very productive!

A good day on Built for Speed Fishing Charters.

June 2nd 2017

Alan and his daughter with a pair of nice 13Lb Chinook salmon caught June 4, 2017 just 15 minutes from the dock.

The local Vancouver Chinook/King salmon fishing has been very consistent with fish ranging in size from 10 to 20lbs on a regular basis with some larger fish caught up to 30Lbs! Some recent days have produced very good numbers of these nicest fish of the year. Morning charters are the preferred time to fish & have been the most consistent action. With all the baitfish in our local waters, it is sure to continue.

May 20th

Built for Speed Charters had some good Chinook Salmon fishing over the last 6 days, landing 2 to 3 each day in local Vancouver waters. Fish ranged between 10 and 20lbs each day. These are for sure the nicest Chinook of the year, and the hardest fighting. We will continue to see local steady action as long as the herring stick around in our usual fishing locations. Call for a current report or information to book a Salmon fishing charter today. Tight lines Captain Speed.

May 5th

BuiltforSpeed had a very productive start to May2015. Landing 10 nice Chinook in 3 days of fishing over the last weekend and having a number of others get away on us. the local Chinook salmon fishing continues to be very strong. These fish range in size from 10 to 30lbs this time of year. We are fishing a large area on the south tip of Bowen Island from close in to 4 to 5 miles offshore. This springtime fishery will continue and will produce some some very nice fish in the coming weeks. Call for a up to the minute report and to get out and enjoy some of this
great Vancouver salmon fishing!